Dre Helmns

Undergraduate Institution: Loyola Marymount University (Los Angeles, CA)

Hometown: Prather and Santa Rosa, CA, USA

Contact: ahelmns@berkeley.edu

Research Interests:

Dre is interested in energy and water resources, biomimicry, and using sustainable engineering to save the planet and its human and animal inhabitants! They worked on enhanced air-cooling with asynchronously-cooled thermal energy storage. Recently they joined Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory as a postdoc on a Department of Energy project aiming to design, simulate, construct, and test a novel HVAC system for buildings that integrates heat pumps, indirect evaporative cooling, and thermal energy storage.

Dre is showing off a prototype heat exchanger design for their ARPA-E research.

Outside Interests:

Dre enjoys photography, cooking and eating (vegan Indian is their favorite!). They like lots of sports including hiking, mountain biking, camping (they’ve visited almost all of the national parks west of the Mississippi River!), snowboarding, yoga, sailing, and swimming. To relax they listen to classic rock, folk, hip hop, and slam poetry. Dre is passionate about social justice, especially access to education for all.