Paige Balcom

Undergraduate Institution: University of New Hampshire

Hometown: Londonderry, NH


Research Interests:

Paige is pursuing a PhD in heat transfer and development engineering. She is passionate about using engineering, entrepreneurship, and human centered design to improve the lives of people in developing nations, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa. Paige founded a research project to design an energy efficient process for producing roofing tiles and other construction materials from plastic waste in Uganda. The goal is to develop technology that Ugandan entrepreneurs could use to operate a medium-scale businesses to close a loop in the circular economy and generate environmental, health, and economic benefits. Paige works closely with Gulu University in Uganda and the Blum Center for Developing Economies at Berkeley.

Outside Interests:

Paige likes playing sports, running, biking, and being outside. She also enjoys reading and teaching and is passionate about social justice across the globe. Paige founded a student group at Berkeley called the Education Initiative for Development (EID) to raise awareness about educational needs in developing countries. EID is presently providing consulting services to a Rwandan non-profit that trains girls to code. Paige is also involved in Church Without Walls in Berkeley and loves talking about life, faith, and Uganda.