Samuel Cabrera

Undergraduate Institution: University of California, Irvine

Hometown: Coachella, CA


Research Interests:

Sam is interested in renewable and sustainable energy that will help create more efficient technology. In a broader sense, interested in engineering and technology that will help developing countries become more sustainable. He enjoys working on projects from which he can visualize people in rural areas like India or Latin America, directly benefiting from. I am also interested in biology, specifically the human body and bio-mimicry.

Sam, entering his second year at Berkeley, is working on the project developing nanostructured surfaces and exploring their performance to increase heat dissipation. Currently participating in a US-China grant to reduce water usage at power plants he is focusing on the pool boiling applications of these surfaces.

Outside Interests:

Sam is  deeply involved with his Catholic faith and considers himself a family person. He is really passionate about soccer (playing and watching) and he used to play competitively, but now just play with friends and family. He also like other sports; basketball, football (played in HS), and baseball. He is also into music; Christian contemporary, country, hip-pop, Mexican regional, and cumbia (hoping to get better at dancing cumbia though).
Overall, he enjoys talking about God, life,and sports.