Alanna Cooney


Undergraduate Institution: Washington University in St. Louis

Masters Institution: Marquette University

Hometown:  Mililani, HI



Research Interests:

After graduating with a BS in Mechanical Engineering, Alanna spent four years working as a project manager and HVAC designer specializing in mission critical facilities and high-tech workplaces. She recently completed her MS at Marquette University where her research focused on developing new computational methods for modeling vaporizing multicomponent droplets to investigate the effects of preferential vaporization on combustion behavior. Alanna hopes to combine her industry experience in HVAC design with her past research experience on droplet vaporization while working in the Energy and Multiphase Transport Laboratory. She is passionate about developing practical and sustainable solutions to reduce energy usage in HVAC systems. Her most recent research projects have focused on using lattice Botlzmann methods to develop mesoscale models to better understand how nanobubbles nucleate within a nanostructure coating.

Outside Interests:

Alanna enjoys spending time with her foster dogs, hiking, traveling, snowboarding, and doing crossword puzzles.