Jorge Padilla


Undergraduate Institution: MIT

Hometown: El Paso, TX, USA

Research Interests:

Jorge’s PhD dissertation is titled “Experimental Study of Water Droplet Vaporization on Nanostructured Surfaces” and his research interests include water droplet vaporization and pool boiling from micro/nanostructured surfaces which exhibit extreme wetting and non-wetting. I am generally interested in the liquid-solid interaction with respect to the minimization of free surface energy and its influence on heat transfer. I am interested in the role of specialized surfaces in practical and industrial scale applications including utility scale power generation from Rankine cycles powered by fossil fuels and renewable sources as well as electronics cooling. I am currently working in the Data Center R&D group at Google.

Outside Interests:

Jorge has a severe and irremediable addiction to playing music. He has been playing the trumpet since he was child. Most recently, he was a member of the UC Berkeley Symphony Orchestra, and toured Central Europe in the summer of 2014. His other passion is baseball. “It is a scientific fact that it is the most beautiful game invented by man. Google it.” Jorge played on the Mechanical Engineering softball team for many years, including Summer 2011 when they won the EECS league championship. During his tenure as outfielder he threw out an adversary at first from center field. He was also known to dive for line drives. He doesn’t recal ever catching any, but that didn’t stop him from trying. The ground was very hard.

What is Jorge up to now?

Jorge completed a PhD from UC Berkeley in the Fall of 2014 and is currently working in the Data Center R&D group at Google.