Happy New Year! ( & a research update)


The EMT lab is currently preparing to welcome the perspective students coming to UC Berkeley in January. This is an exciting time of year for all those engineers deciding if Grad School at Berkeley is right for them! We hope that you call get a chance to swing by!

The US-China CERC-WET grant is well underway and the Berkeley Science Review recently published an article on the work that Claire is doing to develop surfaces that reduce water usage in large-scale power plants through effective evaporation. Claire is also preparing to present at the ASME Summer Heat Transfer conference.

Andrea and Zach are working on the ARPA-E grant that focuses on incorporating phase change material into power plants to increase the efficiency of the thermodynamic cycle. This semester, as with the previous, Andrea and Zach are also volunteering with SEED, an after-school outreach program with 3rd-5th graders.

Finally, some computational work on droplet spreading work is being finished up by Jordan as he has completed his masters and prepares to head out into a research job back home for him in Boston.

Spring semester is about to begin and we’re all ready to hit the ground running!