Ring in the new *academic* year!

The Academic Year of 2015-16 has begun and classes and research are well underway for the grad students in the EMT lab (did you notice we changed our name? Goodbye to the Energy and Information Technologies lab…we are now the Energy and Multiphase Transport lab!)

Also, we are welcoming three new members this year (one masters student and 2 new MS/PhD students!).

So to Jordan, Andrea, and Darren: WELCOME!

1IMG_2161  AndreaHeadshot  EMTlab Photo_Darren Sholes


These new grad students will begin work on an ARPA-E funded project that is designed to improve the efficiency of large-scale power plants by controlling operating temperatures in order to reduce water usage. This is an exciting project that could have great impacts on the environment and energy production for future generations! Here’s to a fantastic year!