Happy New Year: The Carey Lab is excited for 2016!

Carey’s lab is off to a great start for Spring semester of 2016! Members of our lab are off to two major conferences in the upcoming 6 months. Innovative papers related to

  • modeling phase change material for thermal storage,
  • analyzing high-efficiency molten glass heat exchangers,
  • and new hydrophilic surface wettability metrics

will be presented both at the Pacific Rim Thermal Engineering Conference in Hawaii

pacific rim conference

as well as the Summer Heat Transfer Conference in Washington D.C.


One of the great things about being a PhD student in a lab that is less than 6 people is that we get to work with Prof. Carey one on one to develop paper ideas and submit them to international and national conferences like these. Our team is excited to show the world what we’re up to at UC Berkeley… Going to Hawaii is pretty cool too 😉